Dare2Dream™ celebrates people who are committed to following their dreams and achieving financial freedom. We will feature visionaries who are taking bold steps to do things differently. They may not yet be financially free, but they are determined to do whatever it takes to follow their dreams. It is our hope that their stories of vision, courage, and determination despite the odds, will motivate other dreamers to break free of fear and dare to dream too!

The Birth of the Guide

This is the fascinating account of the creative efforts of David Douglas and Elizabeth Ewart, pioneering publishers of the Jamaican Restaurant Menu Guide. Their vision to provide information on fabulous Jamaican food, along with their desire to be financially independent, has led to the birth of a classy, irresistible, Jamaican product. Contact: jamaicamenuguide@yahoo.com

Roar, Little Lion, Roar

Follow along with Kellie Magnus, author and publisher of Caribbean children's literature, as she weaves a tale about the creation of her endearing character Little Lion. It is her dream to expose children to books celebrating the history and culture of the Caribbean, which are fun and cool enough to inspire a life-long love of reading. See more at: http://www.jackmandora.com

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